Chris Silkwood/Lee Littlefield



Chris Silkwood/Keith Crane


Installation Piece

“Flower Power” by Chris Silkwood and Keith Crane in the 1300 block of Heights Boulevard. Eight sculptures in total by artists: Patrick Renner, Alex Larsen, Robbie Barber, Ariane Roesch, Kelley Devine, Chris Silkwood and Keith Crane, David Graeve and Kaneem Smith. “Trail of Art 2016. Check them out.

Collaborations Chris Silkwood/John Palmer

Chris Silkwood and John Palmer, an internationally recognized abstract artist, have been collaborating since December 2007. They primarily do large scale pieces, 48″ x 48″ or larger scale pieces. Their combined dynamic styles create very popular, one-of-kind fine art pieces. Commissions are available. Contact Chris for more information.

Collaborations Chris Silkwood/Taft McWhorter